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how to keep a guy interested

Dating Advice For Women: How To Make Him Fall In Love With You And Keep A Guy Interested

It's your friend, Daphne, with more dating advice for women, how to keep your man. We've talked about how to get a man, get your ex back, make a man obsessed, and please your man. And you've been so successful. Now it's time to make him fall in love with you and keep him interested.

I was at dinner the other day with a couple of the girls and our dates. The oddest thing happened. Deep in conversation, one of the girls absentmindedly reached out and plucked some salad off her fiancé's plate. Right away, this guy pulls his plate almost to his chest and, in a loud voice, says, “That's mine, Don't Do That!” We all felt so bad for her. After that she froze up and couldn't relax. Dinner sort of dragged on until we finally said our goodbyes.

They broke up of course. The sad thing is that for the longest they were the best couple. But something went wrong. That's when I started wondering, how do you make a guy fall in love with you and keep him interested? After going through my relationship guides and asking around, here's what works of dating advice for women:

what men like in bed

What Men Like In Bed: How To Kiss And Please Your Man In Bed With Your Mouth And Your Hands

Hi, I'm back, “relationship advice for women” Daphne. I was talking to my friend Celia about what men like in bed. I told her I feel uptight about trying something new with my man in bed. She asked me if it was because I felt afraid of being clumsy and tasteless? Celia said she got over that when she met her husband. She said she fell madly in love. He was just the person she thought would be good for her and she thought they could make each other so happy. But she had no clue what to do in bed. Not how to passionately kiss or please her man in bed orally or with her hands. She felt uncomfortable doing something new or strange, like it would be almost a performance...not intimate. Then she began to feel pressured because she suspected his ex was hounding him. Celia said they got through it and things are much more spontaneous now. I was curious. I asked her to tell me how to figure out what men like in bed. Here's what she told me:

make a man obsessed with you

Infatuation: Obsessive Love And How To Make A Man Obsessed With You

Remember me, Daphne, and the “relationship advice for women” tips I used to rope cute work guy? Well things fall apart—he dumped me for some new chick in accounting. Should I even bother trying to get my ex back? Janet snuck out of work early to comfort me and ended up making me feel worse. She finally told me the story behind her and the married guy she's seeing, Justin. Turns out, when she met him he was almost impotent. Janet says she basically bullied him into hooking up and jumping in the sack. Whatever she did with him worked because she says he became the best lover in the world. Eager and willing and texting her about making love every night.

Unfortunately, once he was “back” Justin couldn't resist anything in a skirt. Another friend of ours saw him out one night, told Janet, and that's how she found out he was very, very sexually active. That he was having affairs all over the place. She confronted him. He blamed it on her. Said whatever Janet did to him made him have, “more guts than brains.” That if a girl attracted him he felt like going after her. That at his stage of life he was lost in quantity.

She did something that made him totally obsessed with her. Made him stop the affairs. That's what made me start feeling worse. I asked her, how did you do it? This is what she told me:

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