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spinal stenosis holistic treatment

Something you probably didn't know about spinal stenosis surgery. When researchers studied Medicare patients who went through spinal stenosis surgery, they found that thirty days after surgery the risk of death was 6 in 1,000 for complex fusions, 5 in 1,000 for simple fusions, and 3 in 1,000 for decompressions. Simple fusion, complex fusion, and decompression are three types of surgery done to relieve spinal stenosis symptoms.

According to this study, spinal stenosis surgery side effects include major complications such as stroke. Major complications are a very real risk of spinal stenosis surgery. Such complications struck 5 in 100 simple or complex fusion stenosis surgery patients and 2 in 100 decompression stenosis surgery patients. The British Association of Spine Surgeons reports that paralysis happens in less than 1 in 300 decompression spinal stenosis surgeries. When is spinal stenosis surgery necessary?

spinal stenosis back pain

The reality is a lot of doctors fail to fix their spinal stenosis patients. You may be suffering from spinal stenosis if you feel any of the following:

    1. pain when you stand or walk, and less pain when you sit or squat;
    2. the pain hits you in the back, buttocks, groin or upper thighs;
    3. the pain gets worse if you lean back but eases if you lean forward.

Back pain from spinal stenosis creeps up on us as we age. It’s usually due to a narrowing and degeneration of the spine that ends up pinching and irritating your nerves. The effect is gradual. But eventually you get hit with weakness, numbness, and pain. That’s because your spinal cord nerves are screaming out for relief.

sciatica back pain relief

Sciatica back pain ranges from the extremely annoying to crippling, make you scream, persistent back pain. What’s worse is that you never know when it will “upgrade” from nasty, won’t go away throbbing, to lashing spasms that may literally throw you on your face. There’s a do-it-yourself exercise program that may naturally cure your sciatica and leave you back-pain free. But you’ve got to be able to pick yourself up off the ground first! So we’ll go through some natural remedies that will get you moving again. Then we’ll take a quick look at some stretches that could be very helpful. And lastly, we’ll get to some exercises and the back-pain free solution.

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