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Are you grinding away, day after day, tackling new opportunities but not seeing the results? Time for a change. Here's how to flip that off switch to on and put some pep in your step.

First things first. You know you need a break, so just take it!

Yep, take the break that you deserve. Your break could be as small as stepping away from a project for an hour or so. Or as big as taking weeks or even months off. You know best how much time you need.

Only after you start feeling your battery charging again, then start giving that grinding opportunity some thought. Once your juices are flowing again and you can breathe, you may see things in a new light. Make a quick note of any new ideas. Keep noting new ideas, or new spins on old ideas, until you run out. Then go over each idea and find the ones you like. If you begin feeling back in the grind again, guess what? You need another break!

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