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Something you probably didn't know about spinal stenosis surgery. When researchers studied Medicare patients who went through spinal stenosis surgery, they found that thirty days after surgery the risk of death was 6 in 1,000 for complex fusions, 5 in 1,000 for simple fusions, and 3 in 1,000 for decompressions. Simple fusion, complex fusion, and decompression are three types of surgery done to relieve spinal stenosis symptoms.

According to this study, spinal stenosis surgery side effects include major complications such as stroke. Major complications are a very real risk of spinal stenosis surgery. Such complications struck 5 in 100 simple or complex fusion stenosis surgery patients and 2 in 100 decompression stenosis surgery patients. The British Association of Spine Surgeons reports that paralysis happens in less than 1 in 300 decompression spinal stenosis surgeries. When is spinal stenosis surgery necessary?

What the Spinal Stenosis Surgeons Don't Want You to Know

When it comes to treating pain due to a bad back, surgery is the last thing you turn to. After all other options have been exhausted. Doctors can't—and won’t—guarantee success. They just won’t do it. Surgery may diminish or relieve your pain, or it’s equally likely that the pain will stay the same or get worse. That’s just the reality of the situation.

The good news is that even though there are about 600,000 back surgeries a year, they are usually unnecessary. According the Mayo Clinic, with proper attention and care, most pain due to a bad back can be resolved without surgery within two months. That includes spinal stenosis. Dr. Jeffrey N. Katz, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, concluded that ”people with lumbar spinal stenosis should first try a well-designed physical therapy program.” But which spinal stenosis cure alternative, and how do you choose?

If You're Looking For a Spinal Stenosis Surgery Alternative, And You Want to Make Sure it's Safe, Effective and Complication Free, This Spinal Stenosis Home Treatment Is For You

In the overwhelming majority of cases, “muscle imbalance” is the root cause of back pain. When you overwork one side of your body but under-work the opposite side, after awhile you get muscle imbalance. In other words, things get out of whack. And when that happens blood flow gets shut off, oxygen and other key nutrients stop reaching your back, and your spine gets bent out of shape. That's what causes the pain. That's what causes the problems.

You don't “throw your back out” because you bent down to grab something off the floor. You throw your back out because the muscle imbalances and excessive tension get so bad your back can't handle the simple act of bending over… creating aching, electric shocks and fire. So if you want to eliminate your back pain once and for all, you need to fix the true cause: the muscle imbalances.

The Most Common Spinal Stenosis Home Treatment Mistakes (You're Probably Making Them Now)

You may have heard of spinal stenosis treatment exercises. But have you heard of EFFECTIVE spinal stenosis treatment exercises? Well, if you're thinking about surgery, I'm guessing maybe you haven't. And that makes sense, because most spinal stenosis treatment exercises fail due to two things: pain and lack of motivation.

A National Institute of Health study found that there were “three main barriers” to effective treatment exercises. First, the physical barrier of pain. Next, lack of motivation as a psychological barrier. And last, the “socioenvironmental barrier” of physically-demanding work. In plain English this means after working all day, most of us don't have the energy to fight through the pain and do difficult exercises! Fortunately, there's a better way.

There's a unique combination of eight (8) two-minute movements, that RESTORE your muscle balance, RELIEVE your pain, and HEAL your back. This isn’t yoga. This isn’t Pilates. This isn’t even “exercise.” Just 8 simple movements that effectively target and eliminate those specific muscle imbalances — the real cause of your back pain. All you need is a place to lie down, a firm pillow—or towel—to put under your head, and a chair. That’s it. So you can do this just about anywhere. Plug into pain relief in less than 20 minutes.

No studying, reading or learning required. Instead, you can spend your time on the only thing that really matters: getting out of pain. Jump straight into pain relief. You simply do the movements and in less than 20 minutes you're done. And you’re feeling pain relief. Maybe for the first time in years.

Here's how it works:

  • Movement #1: Begins activating imbalanced muscles, preparing them for relief…
  • Movement #2: “Wakes up” dormant hip muscles and continues activating imbalanced muscles…
  • Movement #3: Now that your body is prepared, you feel an initial wave of relief wash over you as Movement #3 Starts releasing your pain…
  • Movement #4: Continues flooding your lower back with newfound blood, oxygen and nutrients–you feel oddly energized…
  • Movement #5: Decompresses your lower back–you'll probably visibly exhale as years of pent up tension is released…
  • Movement #6: Aligns your whole body, restoring muscle balance along your entire spine in addition to your lower back…
  • Movement #7: Finishes stabilizing your spine, back, and hips in their natural, pain-free positions…
  • Movement #8: Gently compresses the spine to flush old blood out of your discs, then pull in new blood for even more healing, pain relief and recovery. (Clients faces soften and a smile crosses their lips as Movement #8 “locks in” healing)…

Every 15 to 20 Years, a New Alternative Spinal Stenosis Treatment Completely Changes the Face of Spinal Stenosis Treatment Options. Guess What?

Many doctors fail to fix their spinal stenosis patients. Patients return repeatedly with the same pain, the same issue, the same cry for help. The doctor eventually begins to wonder whether the patient even wants to get better. (Especially when the patient rejects, for good reason, risky surgery.) Imagine that! It doesn’t quite occur to them it could be THE TREATMENT that’s not working.

This holistic spinal stenosis treatment relieves your pain and cures your spinal stenosis by waking up certain muscles and restoring muscle balance. By jump-starting certain areas in your back, you flood vital oxygen and nutrition in, helping you heal naturally. That’s the holistic way to relieve and remove spinal stenosis.

Recently, a middle-aged woman named Jan tried this natural spinal stenosis treatment alternative. Here's her success story in her own words:

jan's stenosis cured!“I went to a spinal surgeon and was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and arthritis in my back. He put me on medication—muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs. But there was always that the pain that would never go away. So they had me doing about a month and a half of physical therapy. 2-3 days a week. But the pain in back and hip was still there. Further improvement stopped. I was still in pain. Ugh. So I started this program and I saw almost immediate results. Some of the exercises felt so good, they would immediately relieve any hip pain I had. So it’s really helped me. I’ve had really no pain. In fact, I had a flare up one day…but the next morning I did the program and by that afternoon I was feeling fine.”

How to Eliminate the Two-Month-Recovery-Time, Missed-Days-of-Pay, and Very Real Risk-of-Paralysis From Your Spinal Stenosis Surgery

If you don't do anything to fix your back muscle imbalances, you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of severe leg cramps, severe knee pain, nausea, headaches, increasing back pain, and severe leg pain. And that’s before you start feeling the worsening symptoms which is when the real pain begins.

These uniquely sequenced movements have been privately tested and proven to work on men and women of all ages, body types, skill levels and in any physical state of health…because these routines are based on the physiological mechanics of the body! Imagine, within sixteen minutes, your entire back is flooded with pain-relieving nutrients and oxygen… reducing inflammation… increasing overall flexibility… naturally correcting your posture… and relieving those sharp aches and pains!

Still thinking about spinal stenosis surgery? Find out how to make sure you won't be suffering through a spinal stenosis repeat surgery less than twelve months later. Find out more in this free spinal stenosis treatment report.

Ask yourself, how much time would you rather spend to cure you spinal stenosis severe leg pain? 6 hours of painful surgery + two months of recovery, or 16 minutes?

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