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You’ll Never Have To Spend Another Penny On Sciatica Pain Killers Or Procedures Again After You Learn This Non-Surgical, No Healing Time, No Recovery Pain, 2-Minute Movements Sciatica Pain Relief Solution

If you’re struggling with unbearable sciatica leg pain, and you’ve tried drugs or physiotherapy and seen little in the way of lasting results then this article could change your life.

First, you need to understand that sciatica is not a disease. That’s right. Because it’s important, I'll repeat so read me loud and clear: “Sciatica” is not a diagnosis. If you went to the doctor and that’s what they’re saying you have, you’re not being told the whole truth. Let’s put it this way: Sciatica is a symptom. The doctor is only labeling a symptom. They’re not telling you what is actually wrong!

For the record… Sciatica is the medical term for pain symptoms that begin in your lower back and extends down through your butt, thigh, and sometimes as far as your foot. Mostly likely, that tingling or painful sensation going down your leg is caused up in your spine… such as:

  • A disc irritating, compressing or pinching a nerve…
  • A facet joint at the back of a vertebra which is out of alignment…
  • A strained muscle spasming and squeezing a nearby nerve or nerve sheathe in your back…

The thing about typical sciatica pain treatment is that first they put a label on your pain, like calling it “sciatica”… Next, if it’s serious, they prescribe some heavy duty Ibuprofen to calm the inflammation, maybe ship you off to a physical therapist, and then they’re onto the next patient. And we already know how well that works, don’t we? Skip the labels and use this home treatment to cure your sciatica nerve pain without risky surgery, months of healing time, recovery pain, or side-effects and complications. Eight movements, 20-minutes, pain-free success.

If You're Convinced That Your Choice Is To Either Live With Your Sciatica Nerve Pain Or Submit To Surgery, You’ll Be Shocked When You Read This Story And Learn There's A Non-Surgical Solution That Will Free You From A Life Of Pain And Agony

Most of us assume that yoga instructors and their students are probably the last people on earth to suffer sciatica lower back pain. If I told you that Michelle, a 45-year old, healthy yoga instructor, after decades of yoga, for some reason, still suffered sciatica pain making her feel sick, would you believe me? All that active, stretchy, muscle-posed, perfect posture, and still suffering unbearable sciatica pain flare-ups? It took more than yoga, but Michelle was able to beat her sciatica pain.

Hear the story from Michelle in her own words:

michelle's sciatica pain relief“I was feeling very weak in my core area. And I was having pain radiating down in my lower back. I was going to the doctors and they were telling me things like 'you need to have disc replacement.' You need to be on these pain medications… And they wanted to basically to put me through a lot of surgical procedures…And I didn’t want to do ANY of that. But the pain was so bad… I needed some relief. So I went to two neurosurgeons and a back pain specialist.

“The surgeons wanted to operate on me in different places… and the back pain specialist wanted to do various procedures including implanting something permanent in my spine. I’ve had 4 procedures that involved needles in my spine. It only gave me a little bit of temporary relief for couple of days. But it didn’t cure or really help anything. It just put a band-aid on the pain for couple of days and that was it.

“However, after my first session, I felt an opening in my back that I haven’t felt in a long time. I felt stronger to my core and I felt the radiating burning heat pain I was feeling seem to dissipate a little bit. It seemed to just open up my back in general. And then after my second session, I noticed EVEN MORE the stretch in my lower back and more strengthening in muscles that had been weak that I think might help support my lower back. I was VERY SKEPTICAL about doing this method. Because, as a yoga instructor, I feel very knowledgeable in anatomy. And how to help people that come to me in pain. But I was unaware of certain muscles that I was not using in the body that might help my lower back.”

Most Sciatica Home Treatment Exercises Get Abandoned Because They're Tiring And Cause Additional Recovery Pain. Our 8 Two-Minute Movements Are Guaranteed To Cure Your Sciatica – Without Additional Healing Time – From The Comfort Of Your Living Room Floor

Here's a little secret about stopping sciatica nerve pain and lower back pain in general – it's now been proven that physical therapy is usually the best way to fix the problem and stop the pain. “Say you have a patient that's 45 years old. They have lower back pain, you examine them, they have a muscle spasm. Really the best thing is physical therapy, but no one will pay for that,” says Professor Judith Feinberg from the West Virginia University School of Medicine. So doctors get very ready to pull out the prescription pad. “Even if the insurance covers physical therapy, you probably need prior authorization (from the insurer) - which is a lot of time and paperwork.”

So why do so many people struggle to find sciatica pain relief using physical therapy? Probably because most of us are overworked and tired! A National Institute of Health study found that there were “three main barriers” to effective pain relief through physical therapy. First, the physical pain barrier. Next, the psychological barrier of lack of motivation. And lastly, physically-demanding work is a “socio-environmental barrier.” In other words this means that after working all day, most of us can't find the energy to fight through the pain and do difficult exercises! And it's even worse during the day because of the stress of taking off from work...or running back and forth on your lunch hour. Fortunately, there's a better way.

If You Don’t Treat Your Sciatica Nerve Pain Problem Now, You May Soon Find That You Can't Walk, Can't Stand, Can't Move, Can't Sit, And Can't Sleep. Period. Let Me Tell You About A Sciatica Pain Treatment Option That Has Given Some Sufferers Immediate Results. Others See Major Relief After Just A Couple Of 20-Minute Sessions

This isn’t yoga. This isn’t Pilates. This isn’t even “exercise.” Just 8 simple movements that effectively target and eliminate those specific muscle imbalances — the real cause of your back pain. A smooth combination of eight (8) two-minute movements, that RESTORE your muscle balance, RELIEVE your pain, and HEAL your back. All you need is a place to lie down, a firm pillow—or towel—to put under your head, and a chair. That’s it. So you can do this just about anywhere. In less than 20 minutes you plug into sciatica pain relief.

No reading, learning, or studying required. Instead, you spend your time on the only thing that really matters: getting out of pain. Jumping straight into pain relief. You simply do the movements and in less than 20 minutes you're done. And you’re feeling pain relief. Maybe for the first time in years.

Here's how it works:

  • Movement #1: Begins activating imbalanced muscles, preparing them for relief…
  • Movement #2: “Wakes up” dormant hip muscles and continues activating imbalanced muscles…
  • Movement #3: Now that your body is prepared, you feel an initial wave of relief wash over you as Movement #3 Starts releasing your pain…
  • Movement #4: Continues flooding your lower back with newfound blood, oxygen and nutrients–you feel oddly energized…
  • Movement #5: Decompresses your lower back–you'll probably visibly exhale as years of pent up tension is released…
  • Movement #6: Aligns your whole body, restoring muscle balance along your entire spine in addition to your lower back…
  • Movement #7: Finishes stabilizing your spine, back, and hips in their natural, pain-free positions…
  • Movement #8: Gently compresses the spine to flush old blood out of your discs, then pull in new blood for even more healing, pain relief and recovery. (Clients faces soften and a smile crosses their lips as Movement #8 “locks in” healing)…

For Some People This Sciatica Pain Non-Surgical Treatment Brings Immediate Results. Others See Major Relief After Just A Couple Of 20 Minute Sessions. Everyone Enjoys Zero Recovery Time, No Side Effects Or Complications, And No Need For Time Off Work

Yes, this is a sciatica pain solution that gets you out of pain. It doesn’t require medication, surgery or injections. And it doesn’t require months of physiotherapy. You just have to restore your body’s natural functional movement and muscle balance and allow it to heal naturally.

If your sciatica pain is unbearable, making you feel sick, you simply do the movements. That’s it. And in 20 minutes or less, you are done. You've just woken up certain muscles and restored muscle balance. And that’s the key. You've also jump-started pathways so vital oxygen and nutrition gets in and helps you heal. That’s the at home treatment for sciatica that relieves and removes sciatica nerve pain.

It’s not uncommon, but in Michelle’s case, it took just two 30-minute sessions. Two 30-minute sessions and she was completely out of pain. So when you experience a sciatica flare-up, focus 20 minutes or less on the only thing that matters: stopping your pain.

And this sciatica nerve pain relief treatment worked for Patty too. Listen to how Patty beat unbearable sciatica nerve pain after wondering will sciatica pain ever go away:

patty's natural sciatica pain treatment“My sciatica was my big issue.. I had constant back pain since my child was born. He’s fourteen now. My hip, shoulder and neck hurt as well. I saw a chiropractor for about four years twice a month and…I still had issues flaring up. When it did flare up, I was down and up for about three months at a time! He couldn’t fix it.

“My life was just working and coming home, trying to manage the pain. My family was pretty much without me during that time. I wasn’t able to exercise and gained a lot of weight. I felt scared to do anything besides work, to make it worse.

“I was skeptical about using the 8 movement program just because I didn’t want to injure myself anymore. I felt like doing nothing or only seeing the chiropractor was the way to get any relief. Since I discovered this natural sciatica pain relief treatment, it’s been great. I’ve had no muscle pain at all. I haven’t had to see my chiropractor once.

“I exercise and I’m able to be active at work. I have no neck or shoulder pain whatsoever… When it was really bad I couldn’t even grocery shop. Just standing on a concrete floor in the grocery store hurt so bad… I could just get one or two items at a time. When I do this sciatica pain treatment program it feels as if my back, neck and shoulder get that same adjustment that I used to get from the chiropractor. So it’s been wonderful. It’s great!”

After Hearing About This Sciatica Pain Treatment, People Want More Data, More Information. They’re Intrigued This Method Changed So Many Lives And Is So Effective. Here's What They Find Out...

First, unlike most other natural sciatica pain remedies, this treatment does not have any side effects. Because the movements are simple, easy, and work 100% with your body at the pace and tone you set, you avoid the damage that can come from forced exercises. This is critical because even a session with a chiropractor can lead to side effects.

According to an article in the 10/25/17 New York Post, “[m]ore than half of patients treated by chiropractors suffer side-effects and at least 26 in the UK are feared to have died, a Sun investigation reveals... One technique, cervical neck manipulation, or 'cracking the neck,' has raised most concerns. In 2016, Playboy model Katie May, 34, suffered a stroke and died hours after a session in Los Angeles. The coroner said her death was a direct result of a neck adjustment which tore a major artery to her brain...The treatment costs $40 to $120 a session...Side-effects can include pain that lasts for two or three days.”

With this sciatica pain relief treatment, unlike going to the chiropractor, you just do the movements, simply, easily, and without someone forcing your body one way or the other.

Second, these synergistic sequenced movements have been privately tested and proven to work on men and women of all ages, body types, skill levels and in any physical state of health…because these routines are based on the physiological mechanics of the body! If you want to eliminate your sciatica pain once and for all, you need to fix the true cause: the muscle imbalances. And that's what this sciatica pain relief treatment does.

There’s a reason that things like acupuncture, chiropractors, massage and even surgery don’t provide lasting relief for your sciatica nerve pain. Those things help to address the symptoms, not the true cause. You need to Help Your Body Unlearn Your Pain. These 8 movements do that. Find out more in this free video.

If you're looking for sciatica pain relief exercises but you want to make sure they end-pain-quickly, don't-take-too-much-time, and actually work, this sciatica pain solution is for you. Click for your FREE Sciatica Pain Relief Treatment Video.

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